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In the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the shores of the Mediterranean.

It has a coastline with 200 Km. of beaches, stretching from Pulpí in the east to Adra in the west. It descends from the Sierra de Gádor mountains until it joins the Mediterranean sea in some exceptionally  beautiful  beaches.


The  province   of   Almería  offers pleasures which are hard to come by in the  Mediterranean:  over 100 Km. of untamed coastline, and landscapes of  outstanding beauty.

The peculiarities of the landscape and the bountiful Almerían climate have made this province the perfect place to locate a substantial film industry, and the region has played host to some of the most famous stars of the screen.

Its untouched beaches in the east with their emerging nudist complexes and the larger tourist centres in the west offer a  quality destination  for the more demanding traveller. Its exceptional coastline borders the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve, with long sandy beaches and secluded coves bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The traditional festivities of the Moors and the Christians will transform your trip to Almería into a wonderful adventure.


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